Where quality means a great deal.

From its modern and well equipped factory and warehouse, FDL Packaging manufactures and distributes a wide range of packaging materials nationally.

The scope and flexibility of our operations has allowed us to provide many clients with a total portfolio of packaging materials, delivering on an as and when required basis.

In addition, FDL Packaging possesses an ever increasing range of UN certified containers in stock making us the ideal choice considering recent emphasis placed on the tightening of legislation regarding the transport of hazardous materials.

Whatever your requirements, FDL Packaging can provide you with a positive solution.

Why choose us?

  • Industrial packaging specialist
  • Extensive stock holding
  • Established UK Business
  • Over 45 years packaging experience
  • Delivery throughout the UK
  • ISO9001 Quality Approved
  • ISO14001 Environment approved
  • BRC IOP Food Standard approved
  • UN Packaging Specialist