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Since its inception in 1969 Fibre Drums Ltd has been a leading manufacturer of fibre drums.

Fibre drums are practical, economical alternatives to more expensive steel and plastic drums and less durable forms of packaging. They will carry most products just as effectively as steel or plastic drums, yet they can also be used as a true, one-trip, disposable container.

Tailored to your specifications and certified to UN regulations, our fibre drums are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Fibre Drums Ltd is a leading member of SEFFI (European Fibre Drums Association) and the UK Industrial Packaging Association and as such is able to advise on environmental issues within Europe such as disposal and recycling.

Why choose us?

  • Leading fibre drum manufacturer
  • Established UK Business
  • Over 45 years packaging experience
  • Delivery Nationwide
  • ISO9001 Quality Approved
  • ISO14001 Environment approved
  • Wide range of diameters & capacities
  • UN Packaging Specialist